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Inside Saratoga Springs’ Algonquin Building

Renovations are nearing completion inside the Algonquin apartment building on Broadway in Saratoga Springs. The real estate agents from Roohan Realty who are handling leasing for the units held an open house Saturday, even as construction continued on the building.

The Algonquin is vast and made to seem even more so by the atrium, a feature you wouldn’t know was there from the outside. The apartments, which range in size from 881 square feet to 2,459 square feet, will rent for $1,800 to $4,950 a month, although most are in the $2,700 range. Bonacio Construcion is doing the work.

I was pleased to see many original details were left intact, even features that now serve no purpose, like windows once used to let light into the building that are now blocked by drywall on one side. Each apartment has elements of what used to be – fireplaces, some original flooring, cabinet doors or window trim. There is also spongy laminate flooring in every apartment that was open for viewing, an odd choice for a renovation project with a multi-million-dollar price tag.

The original, Romanesque architecture of the building shines through the higher you go in the building. Fourth and fifth floor, Broadway-facing apartments make use of arched brick for small balconies and have a nearly bird’s eye view of downtown. Work is also underway on a roof deck for the lucky resident of 5F, “the Pavilion Penthouse.”

Although the Algonquin was built as a luxury apartment/retail space, it was later chopped up into 44 apartments. As Saratoga Preservation Foundation Executive Director Samantha Bosshart writes in her essay on the building, the original luxury was lost. The owner, Ben Aronson, sought to return to luxury to this stately building that is one of the key pieces of the city’s downtown character.

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